Copper Roofing in Boonsboro

Copper aficionados abound in the world, and copper roof aficionados are no exception. There are two types of copper roofs you can purchase: a solid copper roof and a copper roof that is made entirely of sheet copper. It is weather-resistant and will safeguard your home for decades, according to a Hagerstown roofing contractor, but it is extremely expensive, as you may expect. Copper roof shingles, on the other hand, are manufactured by wrapping copper sheets around conventional asphalt shingles. Overall, the cost will be less than that of a slate roof, but once the copper roof shingles have aged and weathered, they will take on the wonderful green color that only copper can produce.

One of the benefits of copper roof shingles over other types of long-lasting roofs, particularly solid copper roofs, is that they are remarkably light, allowing most roofs and buildings to handle the load beautifully. There is unlikely to be any valid reason why you cannot use copper roof shingles on your roof if you are willing to invest around $10-$16 per square foot (compared to $1.50-$5.50 for regular asphalt but up to $15-$18 for pure copper).

This is a bit of a perplexing situation. Asphalt roof shingles typically last 20 years, but when covered with copper sheets, the life of the asphalt shingles can be readily extended to 30 to 40 years. The copper sheet, on the other hand, will survive an average of 150 years. Obviously, the copper roofing shingles will only last as long as the asphalt roof tiles that are installed beneath them.

Copper roof shingles are not a cheap alternative to other types of roofing, but if you enjoy the look of copper and want something that lasts longer than asphalt shingles, copper roof shingles are a great choice. The copper covering does a poorer job of successfully safeguarding the asphalt shingles beneath it, resulting in a life expectancy of 30 to 40 years. The copper coating also protects the shingles from most typical wear and tear, so you will not have to have roof repair in Hagerstown done as often if you maintain them properly. Copper roof shingles are cost-effective on an annual basis, but not in the long run or for the initial installation.

Solid copper roofing costs roughly $15-$18 per square foot, whereas standard asphalt roof shingles cost around $1.50-$5.50 per square foot. Copper roof shingles cost about $10 to $15 per square foot, making them significantly more expensive than asphalt but still less expensive than a whole solid copper roof. You are, however, paying for the lovely appearance of a copper roof at a lower cost than covering the complete roof in an expensive metal.

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